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Nightlights - the when, why and how

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As parents, we want our children to feel safe and secure, especially at night when it's dark and scary. Introducing a nightlight for a toddler can be a great way to help them feel more comfortable and sleep better. However, it's essential to understand when, why, and how to introduce a nightlight to ensure it's effective.

When to Introduce a Nightlight

There isn't a specific age when you should introduce a nightlight to your toddler. It's entirely dependent on your child's needs and developmental stage. Some children may start to feel anxious or scared of the dark as early as two years old when their imagination is starting to develop, while others may not have any issues until they're four or five years old. If you notice that your toddler is afraid of the dark or is having trouble sleeping, introducing a nightlight can help.

Why Introduce a Nightlight

Introducing a nightlight for a toddler can have several benefits, including:

  1. Reducing anxiety: Many children become anxious when it's time to go to bed because they're scared of the dark. A nightlight can help to reduce their anxiety and make them feel more comfortable.
  2. Helping with sleep: A nightlight can help your child feel more relaxed and fall asleep faster.
  3. Providing comfort: A nightlight can provide a sense of comfort and security for your child during the night, especially if they need to get up to use the bathroom.
  4. Encouraging independence: A nightlight can help your child feel more independent and confident about sleeping in their own room.

How to Introduce a Nightlight

Here are some tips on how to introduce a nightlight to your toddler:

  1. Choose the right nightlight: It's important to choose a nightlight that's appropriate for your child's age and needs. Consider a dimmer switch so you can adjust the brightness as needed. Also, avoid nightlights that emit blue light, as this type of light can interfere with sleep.  A red glow nightlight is best for sleep (read more about this here) so choosing one that has colour options is best.
  2. Place it in the right spot: Place the nightlight in a spot where it provides enough light to make your child feel secure, but not too bright that it interferes with their sleep. Consider placing it near their bed or in the hallway.
  3. Talk to your child: Before introducing a nightlight, talk to your child about why you're doing it and how it can help them feel safe and comfortable. Let them choose the nightlight if possible.
  4. Set boundaries: Establish rules around the use of the nightlight, such as when it's okay to turn it on and off.
  5. Gradually wean them off: As your child grows older and becomes more comfortable with sleeping in the dark, you can gradually reduce the brightness of the nightlight or remove it altogether.


Both the Ooly and SNOOZE are great options for a red glow nightlight.


As always, touch base if you have any questions!


Xx Cara

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